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    Hi David, here’s a quick impression. It’s also 78 cards, but it’s far more shamanic, archetypal and pagan than most Tarots. It’s integrated in the Wheel of The Year, so it’s not only a journey of the psyche, but also a journey through the natural world. This connection is made even stronger through the replacement of the kings, queens etc by animals. So for instance the Queen of Stones (which replaces Pentagrams) is Bear, and the King of Stones is Wolf. In the Major Arcana archetypes are used like the Shaman, The Ancestor, The Green Man, the Archer. Death is called the Journey, and the World is the World Tree. So the cards are far deeper rooted in the consciousness of the Earth, which makes them great to use for visualizations and spirit-journeying. The illustrations are Will Worthington’s best, I think. Highly recommended!