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Josh Williams

    I think oracle cards, tarot including, touch on the poetic. They wake up that primal narrative in us and we get meaning from them symbols that we can dovetail into whatever we’re experiencing in life at the present moment. Some of them like the Tarot have been around for so long now that it seems they hold a place in the collective symbolic.

    I love Ogham. I try to draw a stave each day and work with it as a focus meditation or invitation to step into the space it represents more fully, but I often miss days and sometimes have to spend many days with a few before I feel like it’s time to draw another. I bought a set carved into Oak from someone on Etsy, and also have two card versions. I really think the BOD version is superior because of the inclusion of poetic references and the keywords are really helpful!

    Right now where I am only the evergreen trees are green. The sky is dark grey, mountains cannot be seen even though they’re just a mile away, ground is frozen solid and all the other plants have taken shelter of their roots below the ground; tops died off and brown. On these short, cold days those evergreens are something of a security blanket for me when I miss the vibrant summers and fecundity of spring. I love winter, but some days the grey gets a little overwhelming and I miss going outside and not freezing 😀

    On a side note, Pine / Ailm is one of my favorite Ogham as it relates to perspective, foresight, and vision.