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    My main reason for writing this was to explore Scandinavian ideas towards sexuality, what I found indicates that the Scandinavians had very rigid ideas about what men and women should be like within their society. It was very serious back than and people could be killed for not being masculine enough.

    It’s difficult to tell really because we don’t have many written records from the pre-Christianisation era and, of course, these will inevitably be through the filter of Christian authors, writing two centuries or more later. I think we should bear in mind that the Viking Age was just one period, too, and what the older systems of belief and culture were, are even more difficult to interpret with any degree of certainty.

    Admitting the difficulties with the sources, I believe that for a male to practise seiðr brought down a taboo of ergi on him, but at the same time this figure continued to live within Norse society and was feared and respected. I think what was taken offence too was accusing someone else of being “unmanly”, however that may have been interpreted. Nevertheless, it’s all very ambiguous and the sagas and myths seem to be a bit contradictory at times.

    Finally, I think that Celtic-speaking cultures and Germanic/Norse cultures, acknowledge the chronological differences as well, may have differed quite a lot as well.