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david poole

    I might try that 3 x 3. I was just going to recommend another book which I have just finished, The Bardic Book of Becoming by Ivan McBeth. The late Ivan used to be a circle builder and was also a camp father for OBOD Camps along with his partner Fearn Lickfield. I happened to meet both of them during one camp back in the 90s which Philip Carr Gomm also attended. Ivan’s approach is very spiritual and very unique, at one point he describes it as Ivanism. It is very Bardic in places, at other times less obviously so. There is a very powerful section on spirit journeying and going on journeys to discover your spirit guide animal. Ivan has an encounter with the White Stag, which appears to be his personal guide. At one point he describes the Ovate studies, in his version, as learning how to use a magical wand and how to imbue it with power; this, in my opinion, was rather too individual and seriously misrepresented the Ovate grade studies, anyone who knows about that subject will probably realise that this is true, although he does later change this slightly into something a little more accurate. There are a lot of rituals and suggestions for practical activities, as well as working with the elements and the elementals. Bobcat does recommend the book in a section at the beginning, with the caveat that she does not agree with everything that Ivan says. I was not sure about his statement that you have to belong to a school or an order in order to learn Druidry; Ivan is very harsh in insisting on this, saying that anyone who does not belong to a school or an order should go away and do something else instead. There is a lot in this book about getting in touch with a more innocent version of yourself known as the Magical Child, which is very different and very energising as it leads to all kinds of ideas and suggestions. There are a lot of ideas here and some statements which readers may disagree with, but it might prove very useful to some.