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    William St Clair, who posted on this forum as ‘Star Tree’ and under various other names, has been removed from the forum for breaching our ethical code, which firmly and clearly opposes discrimination on grounds of gender. He had previously posted a large number of lengthy posts that showed a deep lack of understanding on a wide range of issues, matched by an opinionated arrogance that I found quite irritating. Nevertheless, I allowed his posts to continue because they so often elicited such wonderfully rational, sensible, gentle, intelligent expressions of warmth and humanity from other members of this forum, for which I thank you all. Those responses amply demonstrated the kind, loving approach that our courses attempt to foster and promote. Unfortunately, all our efforts to inculcate these ideals through our course material seemed lost on William St Clair, hence our final decision to remove him.
    Being removed from the forum also means that he can no longer access course material. He has subsequently requested a full refund of all his course fees, despite that fact that he has already received a substantial amount of the course. He will, nevertheless, be issued a full refund. It seems a small price to pay to remove a troublesome thorn. He has also requested that all his previous posts be removed from the forum. I’m happy for that to happen.
    As our beloved web-master, Adam, sagely reworded our prime directive regarding politeness, “Don’t be a wazzock.” Wise words…
    Thank you all for your patience, tolerance, love and understanding.
    Many blessings,
    Greywolf /|\