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    Hi David.

    It is always encouraging to hear about the empowerment of indigenous peoples around the world, whilst this indeed good news, there’s so much more that still needs to be done and so many indigenous peoples around the world suffer on a daily basis, seldom heard and with little say. Covid-19 has also been very destructive and so your last piece of information is also worrying. I don’t know if this is a factor, but many indigenous peoples around the world already suffer from lower life expectancy, poorer health and an array of social problems because of absolutely dreadful socio-economic conditions and historically institutionalised discrimination against them.

    The following words are quoted by a San man from Botswana, I think they’re very powerful words:

    These places [resettlement camps] have turned our people into thieves and beggars and drunkards. I do not want this life. First they make us destitute by taking away our land, our hunting and our way of life. Then they say we are nothing because we are destitute.
    Jumanda Gakelebone, Botswana

    The quote is from an online document available from Survival International and can be found here: