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Josh Williams

    Congratulations, sir. You’ve written what is easily the most homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, and ignorant rant I’ve ever seen online… and I’ve been on Fabebook before!
    You can pay me for my time to point out the endless number of errors in your thinking and presentation, but here are a few free ones:

    * We’re talking about transgendered individuals, not transvestites. You’re on the internet- take some initiative and research the difference before sharing your ‘opinions’ which don’t actually matter to anyone involved in the topic at hand.
    * As an openly gay man I can guarantee you that we don’t want to have sex with you. ‘We’ don’t even want to interact with you online. Hate is a serious mood killer.
    * We are grateful that you ‘tend to stay away from gay people’ and ‘run from transvestites’. We don’t want whatever banal garbage it is you’re offering in the first place.
    * Your views on how sexuality, orientation, and identity work are wrong now, have always been wrong, and are not excusable in 2020- in fact folks 30 years ago knew better than what you do now. Seriously, please spend less time commenting on things you literally know nothing about and go get some education before you run off with your mouth. I am so, so embarrassed for you.

    If this is the kind of stuff that slides around here, count me out. This is my first experience of this forum and I was thrilled to see someone make space for trans day of remembrance which felt incredibly inclusive and spiritually light… only to find this hanging out in the thread for almost 24 hours. I hope this post and especially this individual is a one-off. Yuck.