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    to incorporate the lessons and knowledge of the past

    David, I think this is a great way to look at druidry, and Dowrgi I feel that you are saying about the same thing with more of and emphasis on the Brehons. One of the things I am finding is that druidry helps me to see history and even religions in a new and more positive way with more possibilities. it is like I can now look at things like the Bible or other texts, and find the positive points and values of the past, without getting caught up in the dogma, and shalls. Looking at things that way helps me to see more posibilities. I can look at these texts and ask questions about what I agree with, and what I would do different if I was in a culture in the past. on a more trippy side, druidry is as close to time travel as I think I will get in this life, and studying the past with an open mind. Bright blessings star tree