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    In general, in the Bible, the prophets really did not forecast the future, but more just pissed off the established government by telling them that they need to return to the old ways or all hell would break out, just think of John the Baptist telling the king that his sexual relations were a sin, but they were no more than a cultural sin in reality. So is the word prophet really the way to think about this. I feel that in druidry, prophecy is really more like psyche vision, and is definitely occult in nature. I mean we are trying to remote view with our third eye into the future. This kind of thing has happened to me several times, and I think scrying can work. like lots of magic, I think it may work because all thing are interconnected at some level. But, I do not feel all things are one, unless you are talking of a much larger world metaphor. And just for fact, there are a lot of people who I feel are so evil that I have no intention of being one with them. The only real prophecy I can think of in the bible is revelations, and I feel that book is talking more about a change is how we look at the world, than what is really going to happen. My best bet for the future is that the Space aliens will reveal that they have been her all the time, and that these multi dimensional beings have been manipulating the dna of humankind since life on earth. further, a lot of what we see as magic is just advance alien technology, such as teleportation. But the biggest weird thing to deal with is do the aliens have a religion. I feel they must, and I am sure they have created their gods in their own image, just like we humans do. I also feel that druidry helps us explore the human potential of telepathy. but most important, the beings that we meet on the path can raise our level of spiritual awareness, or maybe that is not the right word, but what is it about addictions that are so compelling, and if we go to a higher frequency does that end the feeling of being compelled. Star tree