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    They behave as though only Females got Burned during the Burning Times although just as many Male Wiccan Pagans ended up Burned at the Stake as Female Wiccans.

    I think we should be careful here. Seeing as Wicca developed first in England in the 20th century, I don’t think anyone can really defend the idea that any Wiccans were burnt at the stake during the historical witch persecutions. The people who did suffer terribly during this period would not have used the word Wiccan, they wouldn’t have known what it meant and, ironically, the vast majority of them would have considered themselves to be Christians, so the argument that they were pagans is on flimsy historical grounds. Moreover, in English-speaking countries at least, burning at the stake was reserved for heretics, “witches” were usually hanged or drowned. As for the claim that just as many males were persecuted, I’d like to see some historically verifiable statistics backing that up – the figure I’ve read is that across Europe we’re talking about a figure of around 10-15% of those condemned for witchcraft being male, about 6000 individual – a sizeable number of people, but by no means parity.