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    Dear Dave, I am sad to hear Bobcat is now a solitary recluse druid, for I always feel that being part of the community is one of the most wonderful things about druidry, to find other people who are like us and are walking along the path of the enchanted wildwood. I am just starting to learn something about Bobcat, and I did find out that she at one time called herself a druid priest. I looked up the greek word for priest, and the word priest means sacrificer. And that is why I don’t feel it is a good idea for druids to have priests. As druids we take inspiration from the past, but just like slavery is not longer acceptable, I don’t feel that a sacrificer leading a group is acceptable either. The only Neo pagan ritual I have a problem with is the Gardenian ritual of drawing down the moon. I do not feel it is safe to let an entity spirit into your body like the Wiccans do when they draw down the moon and the lord of the woods so the two can have sex together. In fact, if druidry is going to be practiced with the whole family, then an environment where people are openly having sex while sky clad, just seems not a good way to act. I also feel that most of the general public have no idea what druids are, and this causes many to be afraid of us, so the more we can put forth a positive message of ourselves, the better we will be seen by the world at large, and this is important, for as druids we are responsible for leading the environmental movement to stop global warming and to try to influence the autocratic corporate leaders ( the small group of the super wealthy who control the world) to respect the sacred relationship that mankind has with nature. All people have the right to clean water, air, and medical help. it is our beliefs and values that bring about new actions and ways of living, just like I love the way you participate in the community garden in your area. Druidry is not some scary secret cult, but an open group of fellowship of the circle of standing stones. And we let the light and love of the source, just like the light of the sun shine on all. Turn on your love light, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, and also let the midnight special shine its ever loving light on me. Best Star tree