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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    Of course, they type of Wiccan that is not on the List that are actually the Happiest Pagans are the Solitary Wiccan.

    They get to do their Sacred Craft in any way they like without any other type of Wiccans getting into their Face Ruling & Regulating their Craft.

    I have found that in every Group or Coven of around 20 People or more, there is always a Megalomaniac Glam Wiccan Wiccan who shows up and Ruins the Craft for all by Ruling and Regulating them to the point of Ruination of their Experience in the Craft.

    Druidistic Circles also have similar Problems. That is why our Bobcat got Fed Up with such things and is now a Recluse Solitary Druid.