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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    Since coming upon this Humorous Anecdote, I have personally known a few that could be called ‘Wiccan Little’, ‘Glam Wiccans’ and ‘Dieanics’.

    If you ask a Wiccan Little if they are Wiccan, the Clam Up and will not Speak To You Again because they are Afraid of being Burned Alive.

    If you try to create your own Philosophies in a Glam Wiccan’s Circle or Coven, they become Indignant that you are not stroking their Egos and will likely Kick You Out of their Covens.

    And I have known enough Dieanics to know they behave so Antisocially with Male Wiccans. I once had one Cyber Stalking Me being Determined to drive me out of Wiccan Pagan Circles. They behave as though only Females got Burned during the Burning Times although just as many Male Wiccan Pagans ended up Burned at the Stake as Female Wiccans.