Reply To: Struggling with keeping focus


    I have gone through all 4 of the first set of Bardic documents and am now going through them again in a more thorough manner. I use the Pomodoro technique when studying anything new. One of my sons who is a student also uses it and now rathar than discussing time spent on an activity he tells me how many pomodoros he has done – not that I am checking, he is old enough to manage things himself 🙂

    The technique is very simple but in many years of wasting time looking for the ultimate time management technique this is the only one that has stuck with me. It gets its’s name from a kitchen timer in the shape of a tomato (pomodoro)! It goes like this:

    – Decide what task you would like to do.
    – Set your timer to 25 minutes (25 minutes is called a pomodoro)
    – Work on the task until the timer stops (if any distracting thoughts arise, just jot them down on a piece of paper that you can look at later – I find this is the most important part of the technique)
    – Take a short break (5 minutes is recommended, but I find that making a cup of tea takes about 10:-) )
    – Every 4 Pomodoros take a long break

    There are books and phone apps etc and lots of info on the internet, i use a simple pomodoro timer on my phone.
    Hope this helps a little…