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    Perhaps the British situation is different, but I can’t really relate to any of this. Living this aside, one thing I do notice however, is there seems to be a dreadful tendency these days to pigeonhole all and sundry, and that goes against what I believe to be the druidic ethos of oneness.


    Dear Dowrgi, I agree with you all the way, and I have found that many christians understand that all things come from god (the source) and that god (the source) speaks to different cultures in different ways. But the cold hard facts are that there is a great deal of chaos and hate in the world/ of us and them/ of our way or the highway/ of love it or leave it/ and I feel that this also needs to be part of our awareness. further, I hope you will never let mean people cause you to be depressed, and always remember that there are many wonderful people whose hearts are as large as a wildwood. I, myself, try to alway be grateful for all of my life experiences, and try to learn from the bad ones, though, like most people, sometimes it takes me repeating the same mistake several times before I learn my cosmic inter-dimensional lesson and become a better person. and I am trying to practice stillness, and not let my emotions run me. Best Star Tree