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    Dave, thank you, this is a most wonderful post, and I always love your views on druidry and witchcraft. I do however, notice one category you left out, and that is the traditional witches, such as still found in Cornwall. These witches see nothing wrong with casting a curse or a blessing on someone, whereas, most neopagans, would take the view that using magic for evil is just wrong, and will cause bad Karma. Some druids have suggested karma is like the law of the returning tide, in which your actions and beliefs are like a piece of wood you throw into the sea, it will come back to you. I find that a bad comparison because if you throw a stick of wood into the sea it will come back covered in barnacles and rotten wood. Further, I don’t think that the early druids even had the concept of karma. In his book “The world of the Gauls,” Anton Bousquet gives some quiet horrifying descriptions of the early druid groves that the Romans came upon. The groves were dark places of sacrifice and evil. And to tell you the truth, I really don’t blame the romans for burning down the druid groves if the groves really were places as dark as Bousquet describes them. Further, I have found that many of the neo pagan witch groups practice a ritual of cleansing, where you are asked to take an herbal bath first, and then forgive all of those who have ever done you wrong. I think this is a most wonderful development in neo paganism. We as druids, would be appalled if we found druids using magic to hurt or harm people, and our groves are full of earth energy and love, compassion, empathy, and support. Overall, druids are very loving people who do not belittle others, or become impatient with them, and I know you are a most kind person, and a real Druid. Still, many of us were raised on the religion of television, and are now finding a reconnection with the wildwood through the path of druidry. Best, Star Tree