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    The Wolf at the Lore

    The young druid, Startree, had fallen asleep between the roots of a large ancient oak tree in the enchanted wildwood and was awoken in the morning by the sound of “Woof.” It was not the kind of “Woof,” that would scare a person, but a very friendly warm “Woof.” When Startree opened his eyes, he was staring face to face into the blue eyes of the grey wolf. The wolf spoke in a very nice way, and his voice was full of integrity. The wolf said, said he, “I am the guardian of the lore of the wildwood, and last night my spirit flew with the owls through the mist of the wildwood, and I saw you sleeping here, so this morning I thought it would be nice if I visited with you for a chat and brought you some breakfast.” Startree, felt very safe in the wolf’s company, and told the wolf all about how he had lost all his money to a trickster, and how the books and maps he bought did not help him, and how now he was lost in the wildwood. The wolf offered Startree a cup of herbal tea and some blackberry’s, and then said, “ Don’t worry, I can give you directions to the standing stone circle for free, and the stories you read in the books of Celtic lore are not what you have to do as a druid, but the stories are there for you to think about, and question how you would respond if you were a character in the stories. Would you have made the same decisions that the Celtic gods and heroes made, or would you have done something different? Here in the wildwood, the earth goddess loves all of the plants and animals and travelers on the path to the circle of standing stones.” Now as you can imagine, the druid Startree felt much better hearing this, and the hospitality and paw of friendship of the wolf had really cheered Startree up. And after tea and some very lovely bilberry biscuits, the druid Startree was once again on the path to the standing stone circle.