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david poole

    I have just read Talboys’s Aontacht interview, and it is very revealing I recommend giving it a look yourself. There are several points which come up here. Talboys founded something called The Hedge Druid Network, which is aimed at people who wish to follow Druidry without belonging to a grove or teaching order. Ogham comes up, Talboys describes it then states that it is not really meant as a divination system; he feels that modern methods of divination tap into personal psychic powers and provide expression for them. T H White, Arthur and Merlin come up. Talboys is a very prolific reader due to ill health. Merlin emerges as an archetype for modern Druids/Wizards/Magicians/Priests, which I think is very valid and worth exploring as a role model; contrast say with Gwydion from the Mabinogion, another good study. Talboys mentions his book, A Druid Way Made Easy, as a guide; there is also The Path Through The Forest, I am not clear how they differ but there must be some difference within their teachings as they are different books. Regarding Arianrhod, I have always seen her as connected with the moon, is this interpretation correct? Or with the sky, it’s not quite the same thing.