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    I’ve come across a nice little work: The Earths Cycle of Celebration, by Glennie Kindred, 1st Edition 1991, 5th Edition 2013 (Rev. 2002).

    Although not strictly a Druid work or such, it taps into the traditions of Britain and Ireland with handy information and suggestions for celebrating the cycles of the year. What I like about this book is that it’s not verbose, it’s beautiful illustrated, by hand it would seem, and charmingly eclectic in that it relates different strands and themes within the Wheel of Year. On the inner front cover there’s quite an empowering foreword, signed by Glennie Kindred, which ends with “… we are free to embrace a holistic understand of all things being interconnecting vital parts of a whole and free to be open to the experience of universal love as a uniting force which can change our world.” At the back of the book, other titles by the author are listed and The Sacred Tree and The Tree Ogham are two titles that naturally caught my eye. So based on my enjoyment of this interesting little gem, I’m likely to explore more works by this author.

    Glennie Kindred has a website and the distributor of this work is given as Green Magic Publishing.