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    Graeme K Talboys has written a number of book, among them is Arianrhod’s Dance, which I did like and it is a little more traditional that The Voice Within The Wind. Maybe it was because Talboys had a co-author or maybe it was the nature of the content, but Dance was a bit more like a standard book on Druidry with many elements which were not present in Voice. There is still something of the same tone as Talboys can speak with authority; sometimes I got this impression, sometimes he was a little softer, or maybe that was the co-author Julie White. I would recommend Dance as a guide to certain aspects of Druid practice. I can’t recall the book saying much about Arianrhod herself; it is more of a practical guide, not a real problem there are an awful lot of books about the Mabinogion already. Talboys sometimes reminds me of Ross Nichols in that he can make prescriptions to the reader; this felt more apparent in The Voice Within The Wind. I wonder what The Path Through The Forest is like?

    I’ve only just dipped into bits of Arianrhod’s Dance, however, I think I prefer the Voice, to be honest. I’ll write more when I’ve finished the former in order to be able to give a more sincere appraisal. One criticism – albeit subjective – is that I was expecting to find more about Arianrhod, a fact to which you’ve allueded, and the traditions and mythos surrounding her, which doesn’t seem to be the main focus of the work in question.