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    Capricorn is a relatively modern designation for a constellation – is there any information on any Celtic or other ancient names / designations for constellations or other patterns in the sky?


    I think Capricorn as a symbolic constellation designation traces its origins back to the Sumerian god Enki. I’m not so sure it’s that modern, unless, of course, we’re dealing with geological time! 😀 However, it’s all a bit tricky with astrology as an actual constellation, or rather when the sun is in that constellation, has shifted over time, whereas our astrological calculations represent those of thousands of years ago.

    Dannorix has recommended Boutet’s work, which is very interesting. You might also enjoy reading an article you can find online: Celtic Astrology: A modern Hoax by the same author. Peter Berresford Ellis also writes on the matter of “Celtic astrology” in an article entitled The Fabrication of ‘Celtic’ Astrology, which is also online.

    One thing that I find fascinating, is the possibility that the ancient cave paintings in parts of Europe may well have represented some kind of star calendar. If my memory serves me correctly, the central figures being the bull(s) (Taurus) and the bear (Ursa Major). That would put “star wisdom”, in European terms, back tens of thousands of years, which is really staggering if you think about it. If you’re interested in this, you should look up the work of Chantal Jègues-Wolkiewiez.