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    Hi David, as I understand it, The Gomm was also a psychologist, and that may be the reason there is so much pop psychology, like the wounded inner child, over at the Obodians, still, you have to give it to The Gomm, he really is a great Gomm, and does have a great heart. I love The Gomm. But the fact that witchcraft is so left out of the Obodians is one of my wonders about them. I have always felt it is really important to cast a magic circle before doing any witchcraft or magic, and I did not really see that from The Gomm, I think that The Gomm has practice witchcraft so long that he can just cast a blue-white dome sphere around him and it will hold. the other thing about the Obodians is that they are just too commercialized, and it is effing outrageous what they charge for a course for their magical merit badges. I even feel that charging that much is just a rip off on the druid community. The courses should be no more that $10 dollars USA each. And the selling of books on their site is outrageous also. I have no problem with listing good books to look at, but I feel that selling the books on the site is just plain commercialism at it’s worst. Still, I really do love The Gomm and Mrs. Gomm and I think they are just swell. Best Polythene Pam