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    Hi Dowgri, I thought you were talking about a book that Greywolf wrote, but you were talking about a book by Greywind, and these are two different people.It looks like Greywind is a druid and a member of a grove, but can’t find much else about him. I see in the book he is bringing up the contentious question of whether druidry is a religion or not, and it seems this question has been argued to death, just like the story of Taliesin has been oversold, but looks like a good read. Many druids argue that they are in an order and not a religion. Well, I go down on the side that druidry should never be a religion because we all see what the christian religion has done to the earth and all the people killed in the name of Jesus, and all the witches put to death and tortured in the name of Jesus, plus the fat priests who have gotten filthy rich off of Christianity while they rapped young boys and girls, so I hope Druidry is never thought of as a religion. However, Neo paganism is often thought of as a religion. I have noticed that many of the hippy druid leaders no longer call themselves Priests and priestesses, and that is a step in the right direction, but is druidry just a way of life. maybe there should be a whole new term for what druidry is. I think of druidry starting with Ross Nichols, and his call for us to return to nature, And I also see it as a form of spirituality, and not an order because an order seems too much like a club of people who are just history buffs. I feel druids are serious seekers of the spirit of nature and that they have a relationship with the Celtic Gods and goddesses. Plus, religions can quickly turn into cults, with the followers worshiping the leaders, like Jim Jones or David Koresh. Also, it is important that druids think for themselves and not just do whatever some chieftain tells them, however, this can be difficult when you are dealing with peer pressure to conform and bow down to a chieftain like he is a god. Further, druidry is very exploratory in nature, and I read a lot of very very very bad advice that some of the chieftains have written. And turning druidry into a way of life sounds too much like a good housekeeping article on 10 ways to plant a druid garden, or freshen your house with druid herbs. Overall, I see a lot of corporate marketing in modern Neo paganism, and this is not what druidry should be about at all. I think that the hippy spirituality movement, the back to the landers, is as close to druidry as we are every going to get. Druidry works best in small groves, and in small circles of druids, which is the way I think it has always been, but many people want to claim that there were huge numbers of druids, way beyond the number there really were. Plus, a lot of modern druidry has been influenced by The Gomm, and as I understand it, he was a witch before selling books on druidry. the Gomm recently wrote a book in which he said that druidry is becoming a lot like Neo pagan witchcraft. And I think that is the wrong path for druidry to be on. Still, we are all at the beginning of the creation of modern druidry, and I am sure it will become more defined as time goes on. I just don’t like the idea that druidry is everything to everyone, and I feel that that approach is nothing but a cheap marketing trick to sell more expensive courses and books on how to be a druid.