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    you’ll find a long philosophical tract written by Greywind about what is named throughout the book as the Druid metaphysic. Greywind discusses, amongst other things, how Druidism fits into the great scheme of things as a religion depending on how we define that and also, more importantly, on the role of a druid in today’s world (universe). In the end, we are invited to make the leap.

    Dowgri, were there any points that you agreed with in the book in how druidry fits into the great scheme of things as a religion. And is Chieftain Greywolf arguing for a more or less druid traditional path? Also, why is it the wind within the wind? Is Chieftain talking about the sylphs (faeries) that often travel in groups, causing the wind to come out of nowhere, or the metaphysics of the wind and death, as in when people die the wind often calms down, as if it has gotten what it came for, or that the spirit of the dead travel on the wind. Also, I wonder if Chieftain thinks that mixing lots of different traditions and new age beliefs together is a good way to practice druidry? Or does Chieftain call for a return to a more traditional path? my feeling that it is best for people to stay on the path of the tradition that they were raised in because it is there that they will find community support and advice for the many losses in life, and also these traditional paths like christianity form a bases for societal structure and laws. Those who enter druidry face a difficult road which can lead to metal derangement and suicide, or enlightenment, so unless a person really feels a call to druidry, I don’t think it is a good idea for them to become druids. When people ask me what druidry is, I keep it simple and just say that it is a group of people who love nature, which is true, but there is so much more to it. I also wonder if the British board of tourism is promoting druidry as a way to get more people to travel to the UK, as in the idea that druidry is like seeing old castles from the war of the roses, and buying Harry Potter druid props in the gift shop in Glastonbury. Further, I feel that many people pick up a druid staff and robe because they have found no guidance or faith in their parents religion, and are seriously looking for an alternative because Jesus let them down, as in why did my friend die, and where was Jesus then. religion seems to be a part of the psychic mental structure of many people, and questioning their own beliefs can cause them to end up in the mental hospital. I have found that the christian church is deeply against druidry and thinks that we are evil. Yes I know that many christians act like they like us, but that is only the christian clown face with a painted on smile that they use to mask their real feelings. Further, many christians try to mix druidry with christianity because so many early Irish monks and texts were created in druid country or on the isles of Ireland, and again, druidry sells in the gift shop. Druidry is not a child’s toy, and even Ross Nichols had a pentagram painted on the floor of his vacation hut in New Forest. This is not to mention the door to other wolds that druidry opens, which can be a dangerous as the doors that the puzzle box in the Movie Hellraiser opens, in short there are some evil things on the otherside. I think of druidry as in the movie the Matrix, when Neo is told that is awakening from the cyber sleep was an exception, and that the rebels did not like awakening people who were older because it was just too much for the older minds. I know many druids get upset when I tell them that evil is real because many druids only want to see the fantasy side of druidry, but you can’t have good without evil, and you can’t have light without dark. You can can call it satan or whatever you want, I just call it evil spirits, and I pray to Bridget to protect my house and clan from evil. Overall, I do not think that druidry is for everyone, and unless a person feels a strong call and desire to walk the druid path it is best they take another path, for there are many different creatures in the enchanted forest, and not all of them are as friendly as Puff the magic dragon, or as protective as Rubeus Hagrid. And druidry is not about getting revenge on anyone who harms you like Harry does in the potter stories. Druidry is a most magical way to live, and druidry is only for the brave.