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    I always thought all the Celtic animal art and letter art that is all interconnected came from the Celts, but no, I was wrong, all of that art comes from the Viking influence and the knot work art appears after the Viking invasion of 800 AD. And moves on to 1150 AD. But the spirals and diamonds were used in Lindisfarne as early as 575 Ad. And going back the double spirals and diamond patterns were at Newgrange, but these designs were used as power amplifiers to increase the ley line power circuit and sun and star circuit, which is a warning to all druids that when you use magic to transform your life you are using mighty powers that hold the universe together in orbits, so be careful, magic is not for children and in effects many things and people when you cast a spell, just something to think through before you get your wand out. This all makes me wonder about how much the Vikings had in the role of druidry. Were there Viking druids? And was the celtic art all fantasy art? Some of the animals in the art work are, wolves, birds, deer, and dragons. The druids thought that putting animal artwork on an object like a sword gave the sword the attributes of the animal. I feel the knotwork was done to show how all things are interconnected, and it is fun to look at because details feed the eyes. I know lots of neo pagans don’t believe in faeries and dragons, but that is just because they have not opened their eyes to the energy in the world. I suggest you start off just imagining a blue white ball of energy and go from there, and remember energy flows from where attention goes. Pick up a holly leaf and really look at the detail and color, even better draw it with ink and watercolor. Best Q