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    David I wonder how much difficulties we get into as druids in trying to mix lots of different traditions because I think this just confuses the gods and goddesses, and we also have problems because druidry does not really seem to be all onboard with any one tradition, in fact, I feel the obod encourages mixing up everything, which just causes a lot of spiritual and psychological confusion. I mean the Celtic Gods don’t know who we are trying to contact for help when we throw in Wiccan, traditional witchcraft and all kinds of forms of druidry and try to contact them for help, many obod are into Egypt and god knows what else, so I just think it is asking for big trouble to be worshiping and working with multiple gods, from buddha to Genesh to Thoth. And I feel real confused about how to practice druidry with so many different styles, and I don’t find it helpful at all. I value my sanity, and when every god and goddess gets in the mix, like the obod seems to call for, then it gets very insane. t