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    but think about it David, what if things are based on values and not principles or rules. so being a druid is not about following 10 commandments or the golden rule, or even guide lines or principles, but based on values, as in what do you value, and that could be the base of how you live your life, and it leaves room to be flexible like a swinging bridge, like I value tolerance towards all religions, but I also value the individual soul and spirit. it may seem subtle, but there is a huge difference, and what you value will lead you to experience different things, as if all you value is being rich, then that is fine, but it is going to make you have a life that is different from a person who values having time to walk in the woods, or becoming a really good piano player, there is real liberation in knowing what you value so that other people don’t just walk over you, like I value not messing with stuff if it doesn’t concern me, and it can be about qualities like empathy instead of the golden rule. values are a different way of living life. and I think it allows a person to be free. even a nation is better off if people are allowed to live there lives on values and not rules. Rules are just authoritarian, and dictators love them. Rules turn us into robots and not humans. it is like a cat that values its catness and loves being a cat. Values allow us to find our own path. I think a lot of problems come when people value the wrong things. I would rather have trees and clean air and water than a lot of the stuff that is factory made. I think decisions based on values are the way to go.