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    there is a shift every 10 years that happens in the five. meaning the 60s change was between 65 and 75. then we had social repression from 75 to 85 with the disco duckers, then we had social violence from 85 to 95 with the rappers, which just got worse and worse. during these times shamanism was dead, and only kept barley alive in the pagan community. 95 to 2005 was the age of the beginning of the internet, and 2005 to 2015 was the age of the synthesizers, the social repression is now beginning to lift, and the age of the shaman is returning. We are in for a wild ride of the astral. I hope the druids are ready, for we will be called on to help guide the new psyche, the ancient wisdom of shamanism. I think it is too late for the pendulum to swing back and a real new age is beginning. Watch for it, it starts very soon. In the year 2525. soon pagan ideas will be the norm, not the weird. pagan membership is just about to really take off. Can you buy stock in the BDO? and get ready for the news that the aliens from outer space are not just swamp gas, we will be rediscovering the magic and power of the druids, I think it will be a better world, I am ready, see you on the astral planes, and hold on to your meditation cushions. and guess what we have been right all the time,