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    so I think what you are saying is that there are some guidelines, but we don’t have to follow them if we don’t want to, in contrast to dogma, where you are required to follow the guideline. And I was thinking how having to follow dogma can lean to guilt when you step off walking the required line in many religions, and guilt is a very destructive force because it makes us feel like we are not good people. further, I don’t think all witches and druids are good people, because some people do use the power of magic for negative and revengeful purposes. there are traditional witches in the pagan community that have no problem hurting people with spells, but overall the majority of pagans are very kind and loving and compassionate people. I am glad I am not a christian because christians have to deal with a lot of guilt if they go against what is written in the Bible. I also feel that we should not dwell on feeling guilty about what went on in the past, because the past is the past and it should not be able to hurt us now, and we can learn from our mistakes without having to feel the weight of guilt forever and ever. even though I am not a christian, I do like many of the positive messages in the Bible, if they are looked on as suggestions and friendly advice from the wellspring, and so much of our culture does come from the christian influence. but in contrast, the pagan view of a living goddess earth is a magical way to experience life. one of the big challenges in becoming a druid is to not let a christian upbringing cause a pagan to feel guilt, it is like the lesbian who tells me she is going to hell because she is a lesbian, and I have to assure her she is not going to hell, as she crys a dead sea of christian guilt. the christians tell us that there is only one god, and that this god is the god of Abraham, and if we worship Any other god or goddess, we are going to burn in hell, and that is just a guilt trip, big time. druidry is an escape from dogma, druidry is a way to be happy and see all the beauty in the world, without being nailed to the cross of guilt. and it is not alright for the christian to pick on us and tell us we are all going to hell. And the christians need to be told that collectively we are tired of their guilt trip. truth against the world. Y gwir yn erbyn y byd,