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david poole

    Your answer is very helpful Startree. I can now see where you are coming from more clearly. I think that you are right that we do not have dogma. I do not think that principles and dogma are the same thing, we respect principles rather than being bound by them. Do Druids have principles? We have had a long discussion over one attempt to define that, Bobcat’s Living With Honour. Of course, this is one particular person’s perspective and we do not have to agree with them, or we may agree with part of another person’s statement but not all of it. I think that it might be argued that Druids tend to have particular principles, such as respecting life and respecting nature, or respecting tradition, or the ancestors or the gods, again this is not meant to be prescriptive and is not meant to be dogma. With regards to divination methods, maybe they are not completely accurate either but then neither is anything that we think or feel, how can we rely upon ourselves all of the time? I am always learning to try to improve my accuracy but there will always be some room for doubt. I understand cards fairly well but am still learning their meanings; the accuracy can be quite uncanny in predicting future events, when I have no advance awareness of what is about to happen so yes, I would say that that has been consistently useful.