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    Hi David, I am all for druids using divination, I don’t know where you are getting the concept that I don’t. However, I am against predestination, and the future can always change if we will change our behavior. I use tarot cards all the time. Just because you see something in divination does not mean it will come true. We have free will. Just look at what the christians have done to the planet because they think the Bible end time stories and the return of Jesus prophecy is true and that it will happen no matter what. It gives the Christian an excuse not to try to change and make a better future. Divination tells you what is the most probable outcome if things don’t change. And divination also helps you to see what you need to change,

    Divination can be very useful in helping to make the right decisions or to avoid making the wrong ones, it can provide useful ideas or suggestions for changing our lives.

    Yes this is exactly what divination does, David. but remember, divination is not alway correct, and it does not always work. It is very easy to get the wrong reading in divination. Just saying, you can’t rely on it 100% of the time. I think you have some good insights into the power of divination, and it seems like you have been experimenting with it. What is your favorite form of divination? Cards? runes? scrying? watching animals? I think all could work. I have had dreams where I see the future and the events, and the dreams have come true. So, something is going on and druids must be able to see into the future. Still, we do not have to accept fate, and can be heroes. Also, many people underestimate the power of intuition. Plus, I have found prayer to the Celtic Gods and Goddesses to work, and the Celtic Otherworld is listening. But the idea of pagan principles is a tricky one, and you know that pagans hate dogma, we like to think things out for ourselves, so I am not sure you can even say that druids have principles, it is more like we have attitudes and don’t believe something just because some preacher said it is true. we are not robots, and think for ourselves. And we don’ have 10 commandments. So, I doubt that pagan principles exist, and I know that this is a difficult concept to grasp. I have a difficult time with it. Still trying to find a way to express it. It may be that being a druid is more about being in a relationship of respect with nature, than following a set of rules or principles. In fact, when I first came to druidry, I was looking for a set of rules to make me feel safe, and it was a shock to me that druids don’t have rules like the 10 commandments.