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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    This is my First Samhain 3X3 Triad on such things. It is my 2006 Samhain 3×3 Triad of Wisdom. I have given copies of it to People who were dealing with such Loses in order to help them Heal.

    It Goes:

    Respects For The Dearly Departed:

    How one Respects to the Dearly Departed:
    – With Respect
    – Admire their Achievements
    – And Rejoice at having Known Them

    Even if you did not Know them:
    – They had a Impact on Nature,
    – They were Agents of Change,
    – Their Souls are also Creations of the Wheel of Life.

    If the Dearly Departed Created Negative Emotional Energies:
    – Those Energies are Recycled for Better Purposes for the Future,
    – You can Cleanse It With Consecrated Holy Water,
    – The Spaces which Spawned those Emotional Energies can be Purified.


    One Feels Sorrow for the Loss because:
    – You Miss their Influences in your Life
    – The Circle that they were Part of is Broken
    – You can not Benefit from their Help in Life

    By Acknowledging their Achievements:
    – You set an Example for the Future
    – You are making a Promise to Preserve their Work
    – And that you will carry on their Endeavours

    When Rejoicing in having Know them:
    – You are having Gratitude to the Goddess for having Created them
    – You are Creating Good Karma for the Departed Soul
    – You are Showing the Happiness they Gave to you


    When Paying Respects to this Turn of the Wheel of Life:
    – One should ask for Peace from the Sacred Quarters
    – The Power of Deity is Sanctified
    – That Reverence for Mother Nature is Acknowledged

    By Setting an Example for the Future:
    – You acknowledge the Lessons of the Past
    – Using the Present Remembrance to Set the Example
    – And with Good Example, the Future Preserved

    During such Remembrance, the Soul is Refreshed by:
    – The Refreshing Vibrations of Music
    – The Quenching Affect of Drink
    – And be Nourished with Good Food