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    David, as I understand it, Ogham was largely used for commemorative purposes, like tombstones, or other markings or major cultural events, like who won the battle or who was king. I do think it is interesting that the ogham letters can be used for divination, and they seem to work, or at least for me. I have a pack of greywolfs cards that I do find is very effective for divination. David I think that you would really like the book “An introduction to Early Irish Literature, by Muireann ni bhrolchain,”. I have been reading it and it is opening my mind up to all the magic and wonder of the Celts. For I do find at times I lose my interest in the Celtic magic, largely because there are so many people with so many negative opinions about the wonder of druidry. It does seem that the early Celts did see the earth as a goddess, or more like many goddesses. An as a pagan I see the earth as a living goddess and the the earth and trees and plants are conscious and communicate with each other, and I think that science now proves this. It is a scientific fact that trees can communicate with each other through scent, and electric impulses through the root system and fungi system, although they do talk very very very slowly, which is no problem if you are a tree because you live a long time and there is not much else to do except dance in the wind. the trees also get together to decide which years they will produce more seeds, and the trees talk about the predators that can hurt the trees. Also, tress love other trees and send other trees sugars through the root system. So, I guess one of the ways to talk to trees is to just slow down and listen, it takes time,. also, just because ogam really gets going at the time the romans decide to bring the party to the uk, does not mean that the ogam is not authentic druid stuff. I think the druids were going strong until about 900 ad, and they died out from the christians persecution. Plus, remember, my take on the whole druidry way of life is much different from the uk view, because I reincarnated in the USA, but don’t think I don’t long for home, Scotland the brave. I am descended from the Scotch-Irish who moved to the blue ridge mountains in sweet Virginia. So, the druids in the uk are much closer to the source or druidry and do have a different take on it than I do, for I am very Neo-pagan. Good tidings William