Reply To: Struggling with keeping focus


    Hello Alexander. I began about a year and a half ago and have been challenged by life events, energy and ability to focus.
    Right now, I am loving the expansion of the course. Not all things lie in the notes. We could probably all whip through the material and be done with it. This is life cement. It’s different. Right now, I am rereading. I’ve done this before, but each time, I grab onto something different to chew on for a while. Right now it is reinvigorating and expanding my idea of journaling, Also and stress rekindling working with my dreams. Nightmares had put me off. I had been intimidated by the thought of memorizing and performing story. So, I had and still have a few things to work through. The course is very rich, but you must calm the impulse to absorb and run to a finish line. If you doing, you will miss the most important parts. I had some great advice during that time. One, if you are stuck, move on to something else and two, relax and stop worrying. Remember the worry bag at the beginning. Maybe do a new one and see what’s in there? I’ve done or redone my five inspirations several times and it keeps changing. I also shot of in all directions getting my barings in the culture. It was helpful. There are lots of things you can do, that are not waiting, but exploring. I hope this is encouraging?