Reply To: Bardic Journal


    Process varies from person to person time to time. I’m very irregular with my journallin and abandoned it for several months. I have four journals. I go back and forth between them as each represents major yet overlapping themes. Happily, I am back to it again. Notes and drawings. I have the little BDO journal which is very handy to put in my purse, and I jot things down in there for later use. Love it. The next size up is a rather sober leather bound journal. Not really certain where I am going with that one. I did some intuitive work with Ogham and Runes in there. Then, I have the sketch books. Very raw. Unbleached covers. That is mostly where I am working right now, but actually when sitting in on a ZOOM presentation yesterday ( on issues around indigenous health care due to systemic racism ) put a few notes for later in there ( some things will become prose thoughts for my practice) as well as some quick Samhain notes. It’s very handy and I find the cover makes me just feel good. I’m finding the journal more comforting now and parts are gelling more so as the pages fill in. I am not afraid to through in sticky notes as bookmarks either… Blessings! ~ Jamie