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    Hi David, Ogma, bald with wrinkly dark skin, has a bow and club, and is thought to be the inventor of ogam script. However, ogam does not show up until christianity pokes its big nose out of the book of history with the arrival of the christ man’s religion in the uk, and the druid stories are all originally written down in latin and then Irish. there are lots of ogam stones in Kerry and cork. I doubt the druids even used ogam. but I have had great success using greywolf’s tree cards that have ogam letters on them, same thing with the tarot cards, those came from about 1920 with the golden dawn coven. I do feel that people are really making a bigger deal about ogam than need be, and that the druids did not use ogam, the real beauty of ogam is that it is based on the names of trees, and we may be able to find some real druid tree lore from looking at ogam. remember, that it took the skins of 500 cows to make the vellum that the book of kells is written on, so without paper and inkjet printers, or even a printing press, writing was a rare thing until the invention of paper, which came much much later. I see most stuff with the druids as happening with the spoken word, and I don’t think ogam has anything to do with the original druids. also, there is a weird thing that goes on with the druid stories, where the christian monks set the druids at the feet of christ, and talking with mosses, and have genius farad, going to the Tower of Babel, it is all bullshit christian propaganda, plus the scribes used goose quills to write, and crow quills for the detail. they used iron oxide or oak tree bumps for the black ink,oak gall and iron gall, writing as we know it did not get going until about 1475 with Clayton’s printing press,. the oldest written form of language is called old Irish 600-900, and has connections with latin and greek,. it is a member of the indo-euoropean family of language, the word mother in Irish is mathair and in latin it is mater, so you can see the relationship,. as a druid I favor the use of memory for storytelling anyway. the druids really had great memory ability, something we have lost in our age of tweets. a good book on it is The Irish hand by t O’niell. good tidings William