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    hi Dowgri, I do agree that the writing of poems, and stories, and creating art can help us all to heal. fortunately for me, I was gifted with the visits from some of the real faerie people who greatly helped me, and lifted my spirit up so that I was no longer compelled to drink and smoke tobacco. it seems that contact with the faerie races happens when least expected. And all of this, including contact with the goddess Rhiannon came about from my interest in Druidry. I wish I had understood earlier in life that at times it is best to wear a mask and blend in with society because it is easier on all of us when we do not stand out too much. I think you make a good point about self acknowledging of our own pain, and not acting like it is not there. I try not to hold grudges, or ill will for anyone, and I understand that all of us have to deal with the realties of life and the loss that comes with living. I have found that, though, some therapist just listen and don’t give any advice, it seems that they think that just listing is enough, but I feel that we can all learn a lot from people who share their experiences and have been through loss that is similar to ours. And when the trees die in the forest, it does make room for new growth. I am really happy that the Biden guy is going to beat trump, because I feel that at least Biden will try to do something about global warming, and that gives me hope, because I do not want to see this beautiful planet die from the global warming. and it does anger me when people do not respect nature and not even try to live in some kind of respectful relationship with nature and the plants, trees, and animals. further, I feel that the witches and druids are some of the best healers on the planet, for they are close to nature and can keep secrets. it is probably true that lots of sickness does come from stress and trauma, so things like exercise and walks in the woods are really important in keeping us happy and healthy in a wholistic way. and it always lifts my spirit when I meet kind and caring people. best William