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    Learning from other cultures and being openminded should be embraced and encouraged, it helps break down barriers between people and helps reduce prejudice and bigotry.

    I think that cultural appropriation is when you just use cultural goods as an accessory, to be discarded at whim or, worse still, to make a cynical profit. On the other hand, cultural appreciation means you really love that culture and get into it, and in that case you’re going to have respect for the people who birthed that culture, be open to listening to them and be sensitive to their feelings.

    To take one example, I must admit that I wince a bit at St Patrick’s Day celebrations at times; there seems very often to be no interest in Irish culture whatsoever and, often, there seems to be a kind of pseudo-celebration of the worst stereotypes that Irish people have had to endure, and still do to an extent, as an excuse for everyone just to get drunk. To me, that is also a kind of cultural appropriation, what’s more, it epitomises the worse kind, too.