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    David, I am glad to hear that you have not had to deal with loss for a long time, that is always good news. However, there are ways to deal with grief and loss and death, and all those bad things that happened in the past, and we all have them. I do have to say that it looks like trump is going to lose, and that is good news for the environment. maybe one thing we get out of loss, is that it clears the way for new growth, just like death makes life possible and clears the way for new possibilities. the dark goddess Morrigan can teach us these lessons. I feel that getting some wise advice about how to deal with loss can help us live better lives, and be happier, and survive when the dark time comes. I don’t know a lot about how to deal with loss, so I would love to hear how other druids deal with death and loss. I do know it can be really really painful to have grief and loss, and even loss of social friends can really hurt, and loss of a job hurts also, because so much of our identity is tied up with our professional lives. I also know loss can throw our core personality for a knock so hard that we just want to go and hide from the world. HANG IN THERE if things get bad, because they usually get better, and loss can be how we learn what to value in life, still that does not mean that some things don’t hurt like hell. I spent 40 years as an alcoholic in an effort to try to block out my pain from loss.