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    dear David, Lora is a wonderful witch, and I am all for people learning all they can about Neo paganism because I feel it is one of our hopes to stop global warming. if people will have more respect for the planet and realize that it is a living being and conscious, then people will not be as apt to destroy it by fracking and continued pollution that is killing the planet. Neo paganism teaches us that the world is conscious and alive and that we need to live in harmony with the planet and all beings, something that I don’t think christianity does, it fact, I blame a lot of the current world crisis on christianity because the world leaders claim to be christians, and then let this avalanche of greed destroy the world. I wish more people who know how to talk to trees would share the secret with the rest of us. we need pagan leaders who will teach us how to have a close relationship with the spirit in nature. all of us are going to have to try to stop global warming, and really make people understand what the hell they are doing to the world, and this will be the biggest fight of our lives, and will determine if the children of the world, will have a future earth. And the whole world is going to have to come together on this. We can’t sit on our asses another 30 years until new york and London go underwater.