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    fear can be dealt with by changing your life script, we are all programed to fail by bad teachers and cruel parents who tell us we are no good at art, and story, and music, and whatever they decide to destroy our hopes and dreams and mind with. get rid of the negative thought patterns and upload a new way of looking at the world, you have to stop with anything that is stopping your full life potential. set goals, feel the fear and do it, you can do it, erase the bad messages from the slurking tongue lickers chewed flurry of flurk and slurk. The awenyddion

    three things stopping you from reaching your full potential
    1. messages from the past from authority characters
    2. not setting goals
    3. being afraid to feel the fear and ride the source of the wave anyway

    note it is often a good idea to check with elders and people who you can trust before making radical life changing decisions. there are a lot of people out there with good advice and a lot of idiots with bad advice. try to check several sources, and find some good people who you can trust to give you good directions. we all need a little help from our friends and friendly wise wizards and witches. also don’t trust people who keep telling you they are christians so they can identify with your concept of good, real christians don’t go around shouting they are real christians, only con people do that. don’t give up on what you love, just keep trying until you get it right. don’t always assume the worst will happen. cheer up, and don’t hang on in quiet desperation, also, praying does work because all is interconnected, go butterfly ridding and remember to let nature wow you now and then, and don’t eat too much cheese