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    the lust seems it is coming from fear, 3×3, fear of not having employment, or fear of not having life fulfillment. any type of career or path taken in fear never works. only when we face what we are afraid of and deal with the fear in a logical way are we happy. and when we are up against a wall, the worst thing that can happen is for fear to make us make bad decisions. fear is the mind killer, and can make bad situations worse quick. we must try to live from a centered feeling of the universe is alright, and not be afraid of it. learning is easier when you enjoy what you are learning, and are not doing it from fear. following a heard does not make us happy and can create ecological disaster. there are techniques for controlling and dealing with anxiety, and one of them is to get out into nature and exercise. courses in anxiety management and dealing with fear are essential. and there are things we can not change and are beyond our control, so work on things you can control because there are things that you have no power over and will have to live with, but that does not mean that we should be silent about global warming and the coming end of the world , because if we do not all shout out about the real danger of going on like everything is 1950s fine. the flood is coming if we do not scream and shout to the corporate world about how the whole human race is in danger with global warming, and it is too late to colonize mars and io and europa or the moon. our world is dying, and we need to make sure the corporate greed of the wealthy who have brought us to this point understand that their grandchildren and all life on earth will perish in the flood if the global warming is not stopped. so it is time to stop building arcs and start building communication systems that make people aware that the madness and insanity of global warming that must and shall stop. got news, Jesus is not coming back, and we all need to speak up about how the earth is being destroyed ecologically. just look at the science.

    A couple of years ago, you may recall the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published a several-hundred-page analysis. They concluded that, on our present course, we’re likely to reach four degrees Celsius, seven degrees Fahrenheit, above preindustrial levels by the end of the century. That’s an utter cataclysm. Any climate scientist will tell you that.

    oct 30, 2020 newyorker , Noam Chomsky.