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    However Santa Clause is not a deva, he is a faery and that is why he can get large or very small with his tiny reindeer and get down the chimney, note don’t leave whisky for Santa, drunk Santas are not pleasant

    Santa Claus, aka Saint Nicholas, is a Christian saint, the former bishop of Myra. His festival is the the 6th December when children in some European countries still receive their gifts.

    Father Christmas, on the other hand – especially in the light of the pre-19th century depictions of him, bears an uncanny resemblance to Odin/Woden – the Jólfaðr or Yule Father, whose ravens inform him about who is good and who is bad, who rides through the night on an eight-legged horse and dispenses gifts at the winter feast of Yule, the feast of “He of Jule” or Odin.

    There may be a connection between Gwydion and Woden too; their names may be connected linguistically and many of the characterisations and traditions surrounding them bear some similarity.