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    all plants and animals have a king and a queen archetype or godhead. the great pumpkin is the king deva for all pumpkins and the king of the pumpkins is real, so yes pagan pumpkins have helped to introduce many people to paganism. However Santa Clause is not a deva, he is a faery and that is why he can get large or very small with his tiny reindeer and get down the chimney, note don’t leave whisky for Santa, drunk Santas are not pleasant, NOR ARE DRUNK RELATIVES. as above so below, and the otherworld seems to be organized in a very bureaucratic way, much like this world, that mirrors and interacts with ours. There are two sorts of people, people who know that that the Celtic Otherworld is real, and people who do not. I am one of the people who know that the otherworld is real and affects the daily lives of druids and non druids. Plus, Angels and demons are all around and the demons can be quite nasty.
    PEACE TO ALL PUMPKINS and people, ST