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    Thank you Dowgri and David for the wonder stories. piracy along the east coast of America is referred to as “the right to plunder” abandoned property, and the people along the coast have their own culture and some of them still speak Elizabethan (OE) English on the islands out in the bay. Pigs really can rip kids to pieces and are not safe to play around. But pigs can also be very loving animals. I love pigs. what would scare me is seeing a dog with red ears. I was wondering if the braigetoír would have used animal stomachs as a way to hold air and create a fart sound, and I can see how it could add humor to a story in the right place. I know that kids love funny sounds when they are listening to story time. I think the thing about the owls is true because I always am visited by owls before someone in my family dies. and I have had the black ravens of the Morrigan try to warn me one time, and if I hear them again, I intend to take their advice. I do believe that there is some form of communication between this world and the Celtic Otherworld, and that it is only natural the the Celtic Gods and goddesses would try to help us if they can, because the druids are still interested in what the Celtic Gods and goddesses have to say, or said in the past. I always have a Bridget cross on my door, and I feel it helps to keep the creepy spirits away, and that it makes me feel better knowing that I honor Bridget. I feel that the early Celts did have a better relationship with nature than most of us do now, and that there are no warmer and kinder people in the world than we Celts. and British humor is really funny and always makes me smile. PEACE TO ALL BEINGS star tree