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    the one thing I love most about being a druid is the Celtic myths. being a druid helps me to get the enthusiasm and interest to a level that I want to learn and enjoy the myths and the poetry, with its meters and Celtic verse. and once my subconscious gets to work with the verse, then it is like living in Erin and Albion, magical places, where you are always most welcome, and the poetry and stories are a world of wonder. here is 3 things all druids agree on, reincarnation, oneness of the universe, and awen. I was reading something else last night, and I thought it was really cool, the book was talking about how the druids not only had wonder in their bard stories, they also had horror. And that makes sense, because I can see how when everyone in the castle was sitting around the fire late at night someone would ask the bard if he knew any scary tales. So I am sure druid ghost stories and werewolf stories were great. so as a bard, I feel it is alright for me to write horror stories because the druid bards would have told them . I was also reading about how in Wales, a black sow chases the children home before dark on halloween night, and the last kid who tries to get safely in the house is taken and torn to pieces by the blackk sow. Also, some the locals dress up in black sheets and chase the neighborhood children home, yelling at them that they are going to tear them apart. the headless white lady also is running around on this night. I would have her with her head in her hands as she runs around. but I think this black sow chasing the children is really weird. does this happen in Cornwall also? I read that not only were their druid bards to entertain the court, there were also professional druid farters, that would cut humorous farts in front of the court
    I am not sure if the rank of a druid farter is more important than a bard or an ovate, but I think you had to train for a long time to become the rank of druid farter. or maybe bards were also farters.