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    By contrast, the Norse people have a very clear creation myth. I have not seen anything comparable within my current studies of Celtic mythology. There appears to be something of a curious gap here. Most cultures do have a myth regarding creation, so why not the Celts?

    It’s an interesting question. By the same token, Buddhist schools of philosophy don’t really have a creator deity nor a creation myth and Jainism holds that the universe has always existed. I believe Jainism holds that the wheel of time turns in its cyclical nature for eternity. Just because other cultures had a creation myth, doesn’t mean that Celtic cultures necessarily did. Unless something gets discovered or dug up, I doubt we’ll ever know. Even within the same cultures, there can often be differing or conflicting myths too. Jean Markale alludes to a deeper myth in terms of the druid’s/serpent’s egg narrated by Pliny and I have read that Lleu’s story could have allusions to a creation myth too, at least in a sense. However, as far as the Celts go, the best we can get is inklings, allusions and conjecture I’m afraid.