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    Hi Dowgri, what we don’t have about the creation myth tells a lot, in contrast to the christian story of creation that defines our part in the great chain of being. I am also interested in this Oran Mor song, which seems to have to do with creation, and is a concept floating around druidry right now. as we go on, druidry is becoming more and more defined by the many groups practicing it now. I think that druidry is becoming very dogmatic, even though people claim it is not. Yes you can believe what you want, as long as it falls into the framework and structure of the obod training, or face reference group chastisement and admonishment, is what is going on now. the other thing I find interesting is that myths take a while to sink into the subconscious. so it takes a while to think like a Neo-pagan, and how you see the world is how you will experience it. druidry is becoming big business, and we are seeing the rise of powerful celebrity chieftains and opinion leaders. I also feel a lot of new age and pacified peace beliefs are being overlaid on the druid structure, creating a new world order. terms like life enhancing are being used all the time. we are watching the birth of a monster marketing of druidry. in contrast to the fact that many bards were also warriors, and I doubt the tribal leaders and the druids were into turn the other cheek. this along with the fact that I question the claim of where some druid chieftains get the authority to call themselves priest and priestesses. I also wonder if the obod is a cult? I feel that many of the obod group speak as if they speak from authority about what is a druid and what is not, and what a druid believes. this rise of druid opinion leaders may not be such a good thing in the long run, for druidry is now playing on the world stage, and the good old days of its infancy are over. peace to all beings, star tree