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    Hi Dowrgi, just googling Celtic creation myth, I got two, the “Oran Mor” creation myth, and “Don and Danu” who came From the void creation myth, and Mac Lir may have one too. I also remember Hughes talking about one, have not found that yet, but there definitely are a few out there if you look. And that only makes sense, the druid type people, maybe not calling themselves druids, but essentially the same people have been around at least from the time of Stonehenge, though they were probably not calling each other druid, maybe it was something like mistletoe dude. anyway, some dude was going have to come up with an explanation sooner or later. and it all depends in how much you want to get into the three worlds of the bardass. further, I think most druids are really into myth, and it takes a while for the subconscious to accept the mythic way of looking at the world. plus the druids were into the knowledge taught to them by the trees, so I think maybe the trees have a creation myth of their own. best star tree