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    Dear David, I think the source is like the tao in the tao te Ching, and remember this wisdom started in 6000 to 4000 bc. So, just like archetypes, this concept was all over the world and is experienced in all societies. It seems to be everywhere and nowhere, and comes and goes like awen. the folk singer Joni Mitchell said when she took acid she saw everything as existing in a plasma state, where all things where interconnected. I have never seen anything like that, so at best all I can offer is a theory that seems to make sense, and makes me feel better about the world. I am really sorry if I am sounding to spiritual or soulful because I can not prove what I am saying, I can only go with the flow of what I think and feel it is. And I feel the source is close to us and we are all part of it. This could be why we get the writings about druidry where people say druidry is life affirming. if we realize that we are all interconnected at a deep spiritual level, then would we not all be more caring about all of life and each other? And if you think about evil people, I think that the concept of, how would you know what is good if we did not have evil, makes sense. I am all for fighting evil, or leaving it alone, but I think that evil will always be with us and it is just a part of life. one thing I like about druidry is that each druid can make their own choices and live there own way. there are good druids and dark druids and each druid has to decide what path they are on. David, why do you think druidry is life affirming? the other thing I feel is that the other world is real and is close to us, but the Celtic Otherworld is more fabulous and fantastic that this world. from what I have seen of it, the colors are brighter and it is enchanted. Still, I don’t want to go too far into a post about the magical worlds because this world is not as magical as the Celtic otherworld. We have all these cultural codes and bills to pay in this world, and at times I get too far out and have to bring myself back to earth, back to reality. that said, there is a big difference between living in a city or a suburb and being out in a real forest. I do feel Ross Nichols wanted us as druids to take more walks in the forest, and try to get out into nature, for nature may be the best teacher of experiencing the source. further, I feel that both evil and good come from this source, and it is up to us to choose what is right for us. Also, the source of love can be found as the most wonderful feeling in the world. But as people, there are may things that motivate us, and it does help to know what is motivating people. I have found that kindness and love work for me, and that not carrying around ill will also helps. However, some people act as if being aggressive and creating fear is the way to get what you want, and that tactic often works for them. I try to reach out to the Celtic gods and goddess for help, and it seems to help. this all may be a way of looking at life from a non dualistic perspective, and not seeing everything in terms of heaven or hell, black or white, good or bad, male or female, even life or death. One of my motivations right now is to become a master guru of adobe illustrator, photoshop and indesign. this involves lots of time at the computer, and as a druid, I feel I need to make more time for walks in nature. best Star tree/ work, love, and be happy